My digital detox – how it went so VERY wrong!

Happy long weekend Friends,


So it is all the buzz, the need for mindfulness and taking the time to disconnect and relax.

Switch off from our computers and just be present.

I am actually a huge fan of this and I am the one who teaches all my expecting Mums and Dads the importance of relaxing and self-care.

In fact, I know how important this is for pregnant Mums to help them prepare for their best birth. I have seen when Mums can focus on their breath and master the mind in birth that we can help create truly incredible birth experiences.

I am so committed to helping my Mums and Dads that we include a full section in our online course of prenatal yoga, guided relaxation and breathing exercises.

But to be honest…….

I am terrible at practising what I preach!

Like seriously bad.

I struggle to switch off and am constantly thinking of Birth Beat.

On the one hand, I feel so blessed to have a job that I love so much and is truly making a positive impact on parents preparing to birth their babies.

However, on the other hand, I struggle to switch off and have to set time to not be thinking about my work.


So with all the very best intentions I and my two children Polly and Theo headed to the beach for the long weekend.

My hubby Rosco stayed at home, to use the time to get some landscaping done.

On Friday I vowed not to open my computer all Saturday and Sunday ( very challenging to me and remember I run an online company!) However I am lucky that I have incredible people and systems in place to ensure no Mumma was left with any queries unanswered.

At 11.45pm on Friday night I realised I had forgotten to send some work to another Midwife that I had promised….. so yes I know, not cool but I jumped up and sent that off so that I could stay true to myself and my promise and not open my computer for Saturday and Sunday.

And it was lovely, I slept, ate, drank,  played and had a beautiful time with my family and particularly Polly and Theo.

And then in this freakish, weird, is the universe trying to teach me a lesson scenario I found my computer damaged ( Note four young cousins playing, loosely supervised ( eeecckkkk ) in the toy room!). The screen was smashed……


And then is then where I spent yesterday afternoon at the bloody Mac shop in Newcastle! They did an

incredible job as there is no Mac support in my hometown so I was super lucky they squeezed me in ( thanks John and Grant you rock – if anyone knows any staff from Charlestown Mac Store 😉


So who knows what the moral to this story is!

I sure as heck don’t.

Maybe it is the universe telling me to work a little harder at my mindfulness and relaxation. Who knows.

Wishing all those in Australia a very Happy Long Weekend.


PS I appreciate this has no relevance at all to providing Midwifery led Childbirth Education haha!

I just thought it was one of those unbelievable stories and I wanted to share with you 




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