I can’t believe I got the chance to talk to all of Australia about BIRTH BEAT GOING ONLINE and what a CRAZY ride it has been so far.

I have always been passionate about Rural, Regional and Remote women and their support people having access to the very best classes to help them prepare for their best birth.

THIS IS MY WHY…. This is why I do what I do and what keeps me so passionate.

However, it turns out it is not just beautiful country Mums who want/need this. I grossly underestimated my market. By taking these birth classes online we have created classes for the busy Mums, the Mums who don’t want to travel to hospital classes after work, the couples who simply want a more convenient, easy option.

I am so bloody proud that I can now provide that to every Mum and Dad to be.

Check out the news piece here… and my Shirley temple curls. What was I thinking? Every time I go near a hairdresser I simply can not resist a curl!

Next time, repeat after me… just a blow wave, please.

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Big Love

Edwina xx


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