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Birth Beat Childbirth Education

Baby and Child First Aid

First Aid classes designed specifically for parents and carers. These classes will give you the confidence to act in an emergency.....

Baby and Child First Aid


Welcome to Birth Beat

Welcome, it is so awesome to have you here.
My name is Edwina. I am the proud owner and founder of Birth Beat.

I am a Registered Midwife and I passionate about you having your very best birth possible. I have helped over 1000 Mums and Dads have their very best birth possible.

The success and growth of the Birth Beat community has been incredible. Come and join our family today.

Check out what this gorgeous Mumma had to say about Birth Beat.

" Hi Edwina,Meet Iggy, he arrived after a quick and very calm labour - which we 100% credit and thank Birth beat for. Edwina instilled us with a sense of confidence that we honestly would have never been able to get elsewhere - she turned our nerves into excitement, our hesitations into pure determination and our "oh crap we're about to give birth to a watermelon" into "hell yes let's do this!"BEST THING WE EVER DID"Georgia, Felix and baby Iggy.

I look forward to sharing a class with you soon.






Childbirth Education - click here to read more....

Childbirth Education - click here to read more....

At Birth Beat, we deliver the very best Birth classes. You can book in for a face to face class in Tamworth or a convenient online class.

The course is fun, honest and most importantly delivered by a Registered Midwife.

The course is jam-packed with practical tips and evidence-based facts so that you and support person will know how to have a safe and empowered birth experience.

I look forward to a class with you soon.

To book a course, click the COURSE tab above. You can choose which option is best for you.

Baby & Child First Aid - click here to discover more...

Baby & Child First Aid - click here to discover more...

Birth Beat Baby and Child First Aid classes are specifically designed so that parents and carers can confidently care for their children in an emergency situation.

These classes are not your usual First Aid class! They are designed specifically for parents with young children and help parents to recognise and respond when their precious baby or toddler is unwell.

Book a face to face class in Tamworth, online classes available soon.

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The Birth Beat courses are delivered by a registered Midwife who has helped over 1000 parents have their best birth possible. We remove the need for inconvenient hospital classes.

Birth Beat
Hospital Classes
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Incredible support and specifc sections for partners
Access for one full year plus a money back gurantee

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